2308 11692 The Geometry of the Modular Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to be easy to use—all you need is a basic understanding of web layouts and front end coding languages like HTML and CSS. Bootstrap provides a comprehensive set of pre-built components and styles that can be implemented in web development projects. Bootstrap’s files are easily accessible and working with them is intuitive—perfect for coding newcomers.. You might know that we use CSS for styling webpage elements and create classes and assign classes to webpage elements to apply the style to them. Through this, we get rid of writing our own CSS classes to style webpage elements. Most importantly Bootstrap is designed in such a way that makes your website device responsive and that is the main purpose of it.

bootstrap what is it

I’m going to divide the demo page into various parts as shown below. Bootstrap understands HTML5 elements, so we need to add an appropriate doctype tag to our web page. Let’s create a new HTML page and add the following doctype tag. You can either include the precompiled version of Bootstrap using a CDN or download the archive file here. Visit the Layout docs or our official examples to start laying out your site’s content and components. Curious which components explicitly require jQuery, our JS, and Popper.js?

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In web development world, the question What is Bootstrap is quite popular. You may have tried to get the answer but what is bootstrap failed to get a proper one. So I decided to provide a proper and easy answer for this question in this article.

bootstrap what is it

Specifically, we support the latest versions of the following browsers and platforms. Read its source code to see the specific changes implemented. A one-page template for building simple and beautiful home pages. Builds and tests CSS, JavaScript, and other assets which are used when running the documentation locally via bundle exec jekyll serve. Bootstrap ported from Less to Sass for easy inclusion in Rails, Compass, or Sass-only projects.

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As already explained, Bootstrap consists mainly of style sheets and scripts. As such, they can be loaded in the header and footer of your web page like other assets such as custom fonts. The framework offers a CDN (content delivery network) access path for that. You can find it on the Bootstrap download page when you scroll down.


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